2017 Golf Outing Recap

Posted: November 15, 2017 - Blog

2017 Golf Outing Recap

We’re thankful for all of those who were able to celebrate with us at IAG’s Annual Golf Outing.

Your participation in our Annual Golf Outing helps further IAG’s Mission to assist families that have a child at home with a disability, to support children and youth who have been severely abused, to provide adults with development disabilities the community based programs and support that allows them to live with self-respect, and to give people who have sustained a brain injury the choice to live at home with their family rather than in a nursing home. Your generosity touches nearly 1,000 people with disabilities; children as young as one year old and adults up to 90 years old. We are proud to have friends like you.

We hope to have your support next year!


A person's program is developed by and for the individual; it is not defined by his or her disability or place of residence.

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