Individual Advocacy Group Programs

IAG provides a myriad of programs and services to assist individuals with disabilities and their families.

Employment support such as our “Ticket to Work” program and CILA, which includes 24-hour support and family support. We also offer Intermittent CILA and Home Based Services. For more information click on each of the buttons on the left.

For more information on any of our programs and services, please click on any menu option to the left for a detailed description of that program or service.

Host Family

In the Host Family program a family accepts one or two individuals with an Intellectual or Developmental Disability into their home as family members. A family contracts with IAG to be a Host Family provider and must comply with all applicable CILA requirements.

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Behavioral Services at IAG

Individual Advocacy Group provides behavioral services to all individuals living in the agency based on the science of Applied Behavior Analysis. IAG employs Board Certified Behavior Analysts who are responsible for creating and maintaining behavior programs tailored to each individual.

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A person's program is developed by and for the individual; it is not defined by his or her disability or place of residence.

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Serving people with disabilities in 21 counties in Illinois since 1995 and in Washington D.C. since 2009.