Community Integrated Living Arrangement (CILA)

IAG’s CILA Program began in 1999 when the State of Illinois sought assistance for someone whom all other CILA programs had refused admission. Since that time, IAG’s CILA Program has grown to provide 24 Hour In-Home supports to more than 80 CILA sites (all individually controlled) from Cook County to Rock Island County to Sangamon County. Many of the individuals in IAG’s CILAs have an Intellectual Disability, but most all also have a secondary disability such as autism, a mental health or an emotional-behavioral diagnosis, which has limited other CILA provider’s willingness and ability to provide services.

Individuals in IAG’s CILAs are provided supports based on their needs and are encouraged to participate within their communities. IAG’s CILA Program is unique in that the individuals’ residences are independently controlled. This means that the individuals rent their own homes, are responsible for the lease and are responsible all associated living expenses. IAG provides the supports for these individuals so they can live meaningfully within the community. This is achieved by through providing training for the acquisition of the rental property and assisting with:


A person's program is developed by and for the individual; it is not defined by his or her disability or place of residence.

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Serving people with disabilities in 21 counties in Illinois since 1995 and in Washington D.C. since 2009.