Developmental Training (DT)

IAG’s Developmental Training Support Services helps people with developmental and other disabilities to acquire interpersonal skills for participation in the community by implementing individualized goals and personal objectives. Designed to accommodate each individual’s unique needs, DT programming accentuates the transfer of personal skills into the social setting, through extensive community integration opportunities

Vocational training can also be a part of an individual’s developmental training program if determined by his/her multi-disciplinary team. For these individuals, acquiring and refining job skills often times leads to the opportunity of securing employment within the community. In an employment capacity, which greatly impacts an individual’s self-worth and self-esteem, supports and job coaching activities are made available to foster a positive and sustaining work experience.


A person's program is developed by and for the individual; it is not defined by his or her disability or place of residence.

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Serving people with disabilities in 21 counties in Illinois since 1995 and in Washington D.C. since 2009.